how close is venice beach from hollywood walk of fame? is it easy to travel to and from both destinations?

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  1. The Sender says:

    From down town Hollywood to Venice is hard to quantify. Miles I can give you, but the time varies so much that anyone that gives you a hard figure is going to be lying to you.

    It depends on the time of day and the, totally unpredictable traffic. It is actually only about twelve miles as the crow flies. but it coud literally take you hours to get there if the traffic is wrong. I would say and average of about an hour, by car, if things are going well. It is almost the same as the distance to the airport.
    good Luck!

  2. mobilemark says:

    a very long walk! you could take a bus
    either the Metro 212 (to La brea/Venice or 217 or [Rapid)780 to Venice/Fairfax
    then transfer to another Metro bus line 333 or 33
    to Venic
    cost would be $1.25 for each bus (or get a day pass for

  3. chieromancer says:

    What they said.

    12 miles doesn’t sound like much, but you don’t’ know LA.

    It’s a little too much to take in in one day, if that’s what you’re planning.

  4. They are close, but not that close. Go the MAPS on the web. And for bus info.

  5. Paris Hilton says:

    They are (ballpark estimate) about 15 miles apart so walking is definitely out. Take the bus per Mark’s comments above..

  6. lingua06437 says:

    Its about 15 miles. Late at night – no problem at all to get there!

    The thing is – neither location is close to an appropriate freeway. Hollywood is near the 101 – but that doesn’t get you where you want to go in this case. So even on a good day you will have to go through a bunch of lights before you get to the i-10. IF the i-10 is not busy – great! But if it is – yick.

    Or you could also try just taking Venice boulevard.

    During the day it could be anywhere from a 45 to an hour. At night with no traffice it would be a half hour.

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